Venus & Aphrodite

Timeless design
endless space

Venus & Aphrodite Handbags

Venus & Aphrodite designs and creates handbags that serve as a luxurious accessory. You can adapt your V&A handbag to any look or occasion. Our handmade bags each come with a solid handle and a chain handle. One bag can be transformed into three completely different looks.

Design: Circles

The circles represent the movements of the Earth, Venus and the Sun. Venus is closer to the Sun than the Earth. This makes the planet visible from Earth until 4 hours before sunrise (morning star) or after sunset (evening star). The temperature on Venus is around 500 degrees Celsius. This heat has evaporated all the water on the planet. However, thick clouds still hang around Venus. These sulfuric acid clouds reflect a lot of sunlight, making it the brightest planet in our night sky.

Design: Crescent moon

Inspired by the phases the planet Venus presents, as seen from Earth.

During its orbit around the sun, Venus’ distance from Earth changes significantly and Venus exhibits phases similar to our moon. When Venus passes in front of the Sun, we see a small dot: the Venus transit. When Venus moves around the sun, Venus presents different crescent phases. This is mirrored in the design of the bag Crescent Moon.

Brand story

A timeless design in an endless space. Inspired by the goddess and the planet. V&A has the power to transform with you and reflect light to let you shine.

The designs are timeless and made of high quality materials. Because we all experience different moods and phases the options for the handles are endless.

It's written in the stars

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