Venus & Aphrodite

Venus & Aphrodite

A handbag is jewelry that also happens to bring your essentials

Inspired by
the goddess
and the planet.

A timeless design in an endless space. Inspired by the goddess and the planet. V&A has the power to transform with you and reflect light to let you shine.

The designs are timeless and made of high quality materials. Because we all experience different moods and phases, the options for the handles are endless.

The Goddess of Beauty was honored by the Romans as Venus and by the Greeks as Aphrodite. When the Greeks honored Aphrodite, they had a great wealth of mythologies. So when the Romans encountered the Greeks, they equated their Goddess Venus with the Greek Aphrodite.

The Planet Venus is named after the goddess of beauty because it is the brightest planet in our night sky. Aphrodite has the power to transform, create, influence and enchant.

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