Venus & Aphrodite


Handmade in The Netherlands and Italy


Vera Lotgering is born on 31 January 1994 with a Aquarius Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury. She is highly fascinated by the stars and planets, likes to get lost in mythology and enjoys nature. These three elements and her obsession for handbags resulted in the start of Venus and Aphrodite. With an eye for detail, each specific element tells a story. Vera designs with the idea that a handbag is jewelry that also happens to bring your essentials.


The bags are handmade in the Netherlands by a small team of professionals. From sketch to production: they put all their craftsmanship and love in each bag. The bag is made of sustainable high quality leather with LWG Gold and ICED certificates. The handles of the bag are handmade in Italy of the highest quality nickel free gold plated brass. The star sign inside the bag is handmade of Preciosa beads and silk thread which gives the bag a personal element.

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